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The final key to our Mantra, controlling our inner A.P.E. (Attitude, Preparation, Effort) is Effort. Effort is your willingness to give 100% of yourself to accomplish a task. Effort is usually determined based on how hard you are willing to work and invest to accomplish a goal. Whether it is based on something physically or mentally strenuous our effort will drive us to new heights.

A person’s effort gives them the ability to rise above any obstacle and accomplish anything they set forth. You must engage in Effort. Lack of effort usually occurs when the person has little interest in a role they are in or a project they are assigned. We give effort to those things we enjoy. In the sports world, effort is a key component to personal and team success. The last thing a coach wants to say about a team is that they had to coach effort. Hard work and effort can be intrinsically tied to your emotions. That is why in my opinion, there is a direct relationship between one’s Attitude and Effort.

We put effort and energy into the things we enjoy and care about. When our effort is rewarded we are fulfilled. Our Attitude, Preparation, and Effort are intertwined to give us the ability to strive for success in all aspects of life. The positive correlation of our inner A.P.E. is the key to conquering all.

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Dec 27, 2023


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