Our world-class technology, American-made craftsmanship and deep industry knowledge make us a unique and trusted source of commercial-grade strength equipment for fitness programs and facilities worldwide. Unlike large-scale manufacturers, we specialize in customization and a personal touch. However, we’re not a small operation either. Unlike one-man fab shops, we have the scale and stability to meet large customer needs and provide long-term service. Dynamic offers a full slate of manufacturing services, including sheet cutting, forming, welding and powder coat finishing.


Our focus at Dynamic is providing you with strength and fitness equipment that is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of your athletes and the tone of your gym. Our prototyping capabilities allow us to create, challenge and explore our ideas and yours. Here, our engineers are able to transform sketches and concepts into concrete custom solutions that can be tested, refined and ultimately moved into production. 


The use of lasers in fabricating has changed the landscape of the industry in many positive ways. In addition to providing a level of consistent precision that is difficult to achieve using other methods, computer-automated fiber laser technology allows more efficient throughput and typically delivers cost-savings of 50% or more versus conventional machining and fabrication techniques. Dynamic has invested heavily in this area and utilizes an industry-leading BLM Fiber Laser and BLM CO2 Laser on its roster of tube laser equipment. We can deliver all levels of 3D cutting and accommodate even the most complex tab and slot assembly requests.


Dynamic’s team of AWS-certified welders occupy ten welding bays and have up to seven different weld certifications on steel, aluminum and stainless. All of our welders have multiple years of fabrication or production welding experience, and they are continually evaluated to ensure their skills are in keeping with our standards as a company and the trade as a whole. We use Siegmund Precision Ground Layout Tables to produce exact angles, precision welds and to meet overall quality standards in every job.


Dynamic employs a painting and powder-coating system that guarantees the color and finish applied to your part or product is both consistent and durable. Using an advanced three-stage pre-treatment, we perform an optional mechanical de-scaling and apply an iron-phosphate base coating. Then, we apply the final powder-coating layer and run it through our curing oven. This ensures strong and consistent adhesion levels to the metal and a long-lasting color-coat that will live up to the required performance standards.


Unlike many manufacturers in the fitness industry that have products made overseas, here at Dynamic we custom fabricate and assemble right from our facility in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This in-house assembly process allows us to build and double check our work before it is sent to your team.


In the manufacturing industry, shipping is a very fundamental part of the process, especially with custom-made equipment. That is why we directly handle every step of the process and most importantly custom-pack every part and piece. This is crucial for keeping a product in perfect shape as well as preparing the setup teams with everything they need for a successful install.


Whether it is new construction, a remodel or simply some equipment replacements, we work directly with architects, builders and administration to ensure everyone’s satisfaction. We verify proper fit and finish with every install from the moment our first truck door opens until tightening the last bolt. Your support specialist will not leave until the standards are met and you and your team can lift the first weight.


With our in-house, end-to-end digital media team, we have the tools and expertise needed to help you engage your audience. From social reach, to content support and creation, we have everything you need to highlight your facilities.


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