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It’s been an honor for us to join in the pride and spirit of college and high school athletic programs across the country, as well as working with commercial fitness centers. We consider it a privilege to see the dream and vision of their strength training program come true.

For every generous word they share about us, we send those compliments right back to them. Our customers are a joy to work with. There is nothing better than to join forces with passionate professionals dedicated to the physical and mental conditioning and development of athletes and individuals.




Former Director of Speed, Strength & Conditioning Coach: Coastal Carolina, NC

 “It’s been a great experience for me working with Dynamic through the entire process ... Dynamic’s been tremendous. I know our coaches and athletes feel the same.

“And with the new layout that Dynamic came up with, it opened up the middle of the room where the coaching is done and visibility is clear on both sides. There are no obstructions, and from a safety standpoint, a teaching and a coaching standpoint, that certainly does fit into our philosophy. Working with Dynamic has been truly a blessing. It’s been a great experience. They’ve been professional, and the quality of the equipment has been above and beyond."



Sports Performance Director: University of Alabama Adapted Athletics Program

 “The touches Dynamic was able to put on our equipment to make it specific to our population really has just made a huge impact for our kids. We have wider benches which helps them with support. They put specific mounting brackets on there for us to increase support with the belt system we use. They made a pair of power lifting benches for our athletes which has been really beneficial on bench press and some other movements. Everything that they supplied for our weight room is just really top notch.

"Whether it’s at the high school, collegiate level or professional…, I would absolutely recommend Dynamic Fitness and Strength. They’ve done a phenomenal job outfitting our room. The customer service has been top notch. The people that work there are phenomenal.”



Head Football Coach: St. Olaf College

“When I first got here I had an opportunity to upgrade our weight room, and we were looking to maximize the space that we have. We wanted to work with a first class organization and an industry leader, so it was a natural fit for us to work with Dynamic. Our sales rep Todd Strop was a wonderful person to work with. What we had before we got our new equipment from Dynamic was functional, but it wasn’t the BEST. Now our student athletes have a chance to come into a facility that has the absolute best equipment and feel the branding, the St. Olaf Shield. What this new weight room represents is the fact that we are trying to do the very best for our students here at St. Olaf College.”

High Schools

High Schools
Brian Matz.jpg


Athletic Director: Bay Port High School, Green Bay, WI

 “They were there every step of the way with all of their different people  ...  We're very proud that there is no equipment like this anywhere ... not only from the graphics to the the colors, but our racks and our equipment are the first of a kind. The fact that they were absolutely willing to do all of those things and explore all of those possibilities and then come up with what we exactly wanted was something that I've never experienced before in terms of customer service."

William Watson Urbandale.jpg


Director of Activities Community Education: Urbandale High School, IA

 “At the end of the day, Dynamic was able to deliver a product that was customized to a level that no other company could provide. They provided a safe product, and a product that was on-cost with our budget."

Coach Mark Feldner.jpg


Strength & Conditioning Coach: Evanston Township High High School, IL

 ““I really liked working with Dynamic throughout the process of building the weight room. They really work with you to make sure that they can customize whatever you need customized to fit your needs, whether it be the spacing of racks, storage solutions, placement of different things, or even fundraising options where they can customize our racks and be able to put nameplates and things and things like that wherever we need.”"



Assistant Activities Director: Hudson High School, WI

 “Working with Dynamic has really been a positive experience. I feel that from start to finish we have accomplished one of the best facilities in this region. It meets the needs of all of our students at this high school no matter what ability level, and our phys Ed classes, our special education classes and our extra-curricular activities—everyone has an opportunity to get in and experience this wonderful facility because of this partnership."



Head Football Coach & Boys Athletic Coordinator: Grapevine High School, TX

 “The product that we received is second to none and the fact that we could brand it the way we wanted to and personalize it—it just adds an element of pride that you don’t get from competitors. Working with Dynamic has been just an incredible experience. I never thought that there would be that much of a difference between what we had before and what we have now. I’d highly recommend Dynamic to anybody looking to upgrade their weight room."

Evan Moxie Head Shot.jpg


Head Strength Coach: River Bluff High School

“They have been phenomenal to work with, the customer service has been great, and the quality of the products have been great. Haven’t had any issues, any time I had any questions or concerns or needed anything answered the guys have been there. Overall it’s been a very enjoyable experience working with Dynamic.”



Athletic Director: Oak Grove High School

“The relationship with Dynamic has been great, along with the customer service and delivery of great product. Jeff has been there for me. The way Jeff treats me as a customer of his I feel more like a friend, and anything I need I can call him and he’s right there. Dynamic’s been really good, they’ve worked within our budget, and helped me customize a number of things. Just to give us a little bit of school pride and school appreciation into our weight room, getting the Grizzlies name out there on the logo and our blue color. The kids love it. We are setting our own brand. Dynamic is definitely great.”



Assistant Principal for Athletics: Crescent High School

“The process of choosing Dynamic was an easy one for us, from day one, Daren and Jeff built a relationship to give us a state- of- the- art second to none facility. To make our kids and our community better, something that was very exciting for us. They really made it an easy process.”



Strength Coach: Ellsworth High School

“Our relationship with Dynamic has been just fantastic. They have done whatever we have asked of them. They gave us options-different things we could do with our weight room that would fit-not only literally with size, but also fit the price we could work with. Everything was top notch quality. Since we decided to go with them-from the delivery, to the install, to the follow up-Dynamic had [everything] we asked for.”



Head Strength & Football Coach: Stillwater High School 

“Our old weight room at Stillwater High School wasn’t built for that purpose; it was originally a storage room [with] no windows and extremely crowded. Our new weight room we planned to be very efficient, with a lot more space, and a lot more ability to move around and do many different things for a wide variety of sports. Everything that Dynamic has done for us created a space that works not just for the athletes, but for any [other] students in the high school as well. I loved introducing the new weight room and the new equipment to the students, staff and community members that have come in. The excitement and energy are very high!



Strength & Conditioning Coordinator: Burnsville High School

“Working with Dynamic was a great, wonderful, pleasurable experience. They wanted input on everything. They let me design the platforms, listened to all the reasons why and made all the adjustments we wanted. It was perfect for our situation. Everything was professional. They asked questions-they had us look at other equipment-they wanted input. One of the better experiences I’ve ever had.“

Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers


Owner: ETS East Metro-Oakdale MN

“With every experience in the past opening fitness facilities, Dynamic Fitness has been great to work with. I chose dynamic fitness just based on the high quality equipment that they have to provide and an awesome customization service. We had a couple of hiccups on our end, we changed location, but they took it stride and really helped us. Made sure we got everything on time. With being somebody that really pushes our athletes to get to the next level I wanted to make sure I was partnering with a company with the same mission, the same mindset, and the same vision to always be getting better and it has been just an honor and a privilege to work with such an elite team of professionals.”



Owner: Fitaholic Fitness

“The reason we chose to go with Dynamic was simply for their unsurpassed quality and design. Beginning with the initial phone call, to facility design with Todd my sales rep, not only the Dynamic products but their delivery team, install team, and back office have all been absolutely wonderful. The equipment I tested from Dynamic was far superior to anything else that I had.”



Fitness Director: Gold's Gym -Eau Claire, Wi

“I have been in the fitness industry for 15 plus years and I am an NASM certified personal trainer. Our Dynamic rig system is designed so we can modify any exercise: We can take anything from suspension trainers, to medicine balls, dynamax balls, barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells, and incorporate [them] into our rig system. The rig system makes the flow of the workout go a lot better. Logistically it is a lot easier; definitely more efficient. People become interested when they see this awesome equipment. The first thing they say is: ‘What can you do with it?’ And of course, it’s limitless!”

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