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The Journey of Dynamic Fitness & Strength

From humble beginnings in the heart of the Northwoods of Wisconsin to becoming a powerhouse in the fitness industry, the story of Dynamic Fitness & Strength is one of passion, determination, and unwavering commitment. Curt and Tammy Tambornino started with a dream and a car, selling equipment door to door. Today, they stand at the helm of one of the top manufacturing companies in the field – not once, but twice.Their journey is a testament to the power of drive and the pursuit of excellence. Through their leadership, Curt and Tammy have fostered a culture of innovation and dedication, attracting the best talent in manufacturing to join their team. With a relentless focus on exceeding expectations, they have redefined industry standards, setting new levels of excellence in strength and conditioning equipment.


The Visionaries Behind Dynamic Fitness & Strength

Curt and Tammy Tambornino – the driving force behind Dynamic Fitness & Strength. What began as a small venture in Wisconsin has evolved into a symbol of quality and innovation in the fitness world. With a shared passion for excellence and a commitment to delivering the best, Curt and Tammy have built not one, but two successful manufacturing companies. Their leadership is defined by their unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. By constantly exceeding expectations in quality, functionality, and service, they have reshaped industry norms and set a new standard for excellence in strength and conditioning equipment.

A Legacy of Excellence

Dynamic Fitness & Strength is more than just a company – it's a reflection of the vision and values of its founders, Curt and Tammy Tambornino. From their beginnings selling equipment out of a car to their current position as industry leaders, Curt and Tammy's commitment to excellence has been unwavering.Their story is one of resilience, innovation, and relentless pursuit of perfection. By constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible and consistently surpassing expectations, they have revolutionized the strength and conditioning equipment industry. Dynamic Fitness & Strength stands as a testament to their drive, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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