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You're about to learn about one amazing American success story. It represents everything that Dynamic Fitness & Strength stands for, and what every employee in this family-owned middle-American company believes in and maintains.

IMAGINE STARTING A BUSINESS IN THE NORTHWOODS OF WISCONSIN... pitching your product door to door out of the trunk of your car. Imagine turning that into one of the top manufacturing companies in that industry in less than ten years.


Sound impressive? Now, imagine doing that TWICE.

Dynamic Fitness & Strength represents the drive, passion and absolute commitment to excellence that Curt and Tammy Tambornino have always led by. And, through their leadership, they continually attract the best and brightest in manufacturing.

To this end, not once but twice they have completely redefined what the expectations should be in the industries they break into and are passionate about. Dynamic Fitness & Strength is setting new levels of expectation in strength and conditioning equipment. How? It sounds simple, but its really all about making sure we always exceed your expectations—in quality, functionality, presentation and service.


The Begininning

From a small fab shop to the world’s fastest growing fitness equipment manufacturer, Dynamic Fitness & Strength carries over 20 years of manufacturing history, knowledge and passion. Our experience shapes every piece of steel we produce. Our standard of comprehensive customization and our dedicated team of associates have brought us from humble beginnings to a position that’s shaping the strength training industry.

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