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Dynamic Fitness & Strength is committed to the idea that your strength training facility is meticulously customized to your vision, goals, attitude, space requirements and budget. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our gym rigs and custom rack solutions. With an expert engineering team and some of the most advanced metal fabrication technology at our fingertips, we are able to design and manufacture custom solutions for commercial gyms, school gyms and other group training spaces.

Weight Rooms

With standalone and integrated options, the Dynamic custom-fit approach makes our systems the most versatile rigs in the industry. Multiple units can be attached to each other to create an expansive training and storage area. The versatility of these units allows for training stations to support multiple athletes simultaneously with dip stations, landmines, ball targets, plyo steps, chin-up bars, optional Olympic bars and plates, battle ropes, suspension trainers and so much more.


Our custom storage options are geared toward usability and space savings. We offer choices of 1-tier, 2-tier, 3-tier and even 4-tier systems. You can customize the size, colors and features of your storage racks to suit your exact needs. In your design, we will help ensure easy access while allowing storage of all types of fitness equipment including kettle bells, dumbbells, medicine balls, bumper plates and more. You can also keep your space functional and safe with the ability to be self-sustained, connected to or within racks and rigs.

Group Training

Custom fitness rigs designed specifically for your space / users build excitement and drive motivation for the whole team. We can help you support an entire group of athletes simultaneously with a variety of movement, workout and storage options. Our innovative training rigs create new functional workout spaces, while keeping your facility safe and clutter-free.

Cross Training

Build excitement in your facility when you develop a custom rig designed for your gym and/or classes. Your members will go crazy over the variety of possibilities, and you’ll see new revenue come from new designs/attachments. Support 3 to infinite amounts of people simultaneously with the  dip station, landmine, ball target, plyo step, chin-up bar, optional Olympic bar and plates, battle rope, suspension trainers and so much more. The creative training unit creates new functional space in your corner areas, while keeping your facility safe and clutter-free.

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