It's in that guttural roar that pushes us through that last rep. It's in the spotters' shouts of encouragement to their teammates. It's the team colors we bleed, and the glorious pain of conquering our personal best.

Pride is what we wipe away our sweat with as we breathe heavy at the edge of the bench, exhausted with satisfaction, clunk of the bar and clacking of plates still sounding in our ears.

What makes Dynamic Fitness & Strength
 stand apart from the rest?

We turn YOUR pride into the 100% American-made strength and conditioning equipment designed to create and sustain champions.


Let's face it-you demand the best, so the highest-quality materials and construction delivered with speed and efficiency is our absolute expectation. The Dynamic Fitness & Strength team won't simply satisfy your order. WE JOIN YOUR TEAM. Your mission becomes our goal. You call the plays, and we take it to the goal line.

Our pride drives every weld, every laser-cut, every custom specification, color and logo that cries out success in your weight room. The result? Your pride is displayed in all its glory.

You want everyone who enters your weight room to feel like
a champion. Call us today to bring your vision to reality.


Our expert team will listen to your vision, understand your needs and work with you to plan out the ultimate facility for your sports program or commercial gym. Using state-of-the-art 3D modeling software, we can give you a virtual tour of your gym so you can be certain your finished weight room is exactly what you want and need.

Joe Kenn talks about what it means when you team up with Dynamic Fitness & Strength to build a better athlete.


Your weight room or training facility starts here. Racks and rigs are a central component to most fundamental training methods. We have a wide variety of series, models, and solutions to choose from. If you already have an idea of how you will be training, you can connect with one of our Territory Representatives to get started.  


Rack and rig attachments will help accessorize and diversify your strength and conditioning program while optimizing space. Dynamic's extensive line has everything you need from safety bars, jammer arms, landmines, pull-up bars and much more.


This is where your strength and conditioning program can really become specialized to your unique program. Choose from a variety of leg presses, lat machines, curling stations, squat machines and other specialized equipment to home in on specific muscle groupings. Dynamic Fitness  & Strength has over 130 combined years of coaching experience to understand your strength training program and set you up with the right machines to round out your gym. 

Former NFL Strength Coach and Dynamic Fitness & Strength VP of Performance Education Joe Kenn provides strength-training information for coaches, athletes and anyone serious about weight training.


Our team will work in the most functional and appropriate storage solutions needed for your facility and program.  We have options to suit a wide variety of purposes. There are stand-alone dumbbell, plate and accessory units to manage weight room clutter. More robust solutions, such as the Annex systems, can be built right into your rig or rack systems, maximizing space. accessibility and efficiency.


It's literally what you build your strength and conditioning program on. And, each part of your program will require different solutions. Does your facility need a durable-yet-comfortable carpeting in its entryway? What about rubber flooring to withstand the high-force impact of bumper plates? There's also platforms, turf and infill options, vinyl, as well as underlayments to control sound while providing comfort and force reduction.  We'll work with you to find the best flooring solutions for your gym that matches your fitness equipment.


Strength and conditioning training is about the equipment. Building and maintaining a championship team is about so much more. It's also the pride in your team colors. It's the driving motivation of your team's mascot reminding you who you are and what you represent. It's a total immersion into the culture of a winning team. Dynamic Fitness & Strength can help you put the final touches on turning your gym into a champion generator with slick graphics.


You'll have a wide selection of customization options to choose from to turn each piece of equipment into an extension of your program's winning spirit. From 36 standard colors to choose from to pantone color-matching; from your logo on benches, your motto laser-cut into connecting bars or your name cut into the chrome wraps that overlay the racks. See your mascot on every bumper plate and end cap. Guaranteed to motivate and accelerate any strength conditioning program!


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