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Motivating Slogans and Quotes for the Weight Room

Joe Kenn | Vice President of Performance Education

Almost every team I have ever worked with at the end of the season will have numerous meetings with athletes, coaches, support staff, and administration to review the good, bad, and ugly of the previous year. At the end of these meetings, there is generally a discussion on what motivating slogans or quotes can be used as weight room signage or a possible t-shirt design to help drive the athletes in the doldrums of the developmental stage of training. As for me, I was never at a loss of coming up with a solid training slogan for our teams, especially football!

Some of my classics are/were:

  • WORDS WIN! (Coach Dennis Erickson)

  • Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard

  • Sweat is the Lubricant of Success

  • Big Squat Wednesday (started in 1994)

  • Pride Friday

  • Run for the Roses (a PAC10 Championship put us in the ROSE BOWL)

  • Answer the Scratch (Coach Dirk Koetter and ASU Leadership Group)

  • Compete with Passion and Character (Jean Boyd Academic Director)

There are a few more slogans we used that were a little too hard core for this blog!!!!!

The are many other popular choices as well:

  • Iron Sharpens Iron

  • Bigger, Faster, Stronger

  • No Excuses

  • Commitment to Excellence (made famous by the Al Davis Oakland Raiders)

  • All Gas No Breaks

  • Live Like a Champion

  • Champion Mindset

  • Out Work, Out Hustle Your Opponent

  • Only the Strong Survive

You get the picture. As schools begin the fall semester and team sports begin the ramp up competitions, what are some of your favorites?

Best Success and #wordswin

Coach Kenn

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