The Ultra Pro Rack Series brings professional level strength, next level functionality and superior Made in the USA quality to your training facility. Trusted by professional sports teams and D1 colleges and universities, the Ultra Pro line of racks sets the standard of quality in the strength training industry. Talk to a Dynamic Fitness & Strength sales representative about all the capabilities and custom options available with the Ultra Pro Rack Series.


Elevated UHMW channel eliminates lifting bar from all metal on metal contact.
Allows for wide or narrow grip chin ups. Included ball grips.
Allows for any our Ultra Pro attachments for maximizing space utilization.
Makes the right bar or safety adjustments simple.
Insures athlete safety with extended safe zone.
Patented tapered design eliminates plates from sliding off and injuring athletes.
Designed to ensure a hard anchor point to ensure athlete safety.
Gives it a sleek and professional look while ensuring product durability.
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  • 5" X 3" Steel Frame

  • 7 Gauge Metal Thickness

  • 3/4" Steel Locking Pins

  • 2" Adjustable Anchor Point Increments

  • 4 Bar Storage

  • Hybrid Weld and Bolt Frame

  • 12 Storage Pegs

  • 30" Safety Arms

  • Attachments Capabilities

  • Made In USA


  • 75" W x 95" H x 82" L

  • 810 Lbs


  • Technique Trays

  • Dip Stations

  • J-Hooks

  • Landmines

  • Jammer Arms

  • Bar/Band Storage

  • Band Pegs

  • Split Squat Roller

  • Rope Pull

  • Spotter Stands

  • Functional Trainers

  • Lat-Low Row

  • Single Cable Columns

  • Reverse Hyper

  • Receptacles

  • Rack Connectors

  • Annex Storage


  • J-Hooks (Pair)

  • Safeties (Pair)

  • 12 Weight Pegs

  • Multi-Grip Chin Bar with Ball Grips

  • Band/Jump Rope Storage

  • 4 Bar Storage


We are changing the way people look at the gym with these customizable upright racks. Made with American Made Steel, add your name, logo, or mascot with our laser cutting technology, along with the unique ability to match your colors. Whether it's utilizing the chrome finish or powder coated colors, these customizable upright wraps will ensure your gym represents your brand the way it deserves.


We offer 36 standard colors FREE of any up-charge. Our colors are available in Gloss or Texture powdered finish. Our standard colors are pictured below in the following order: Black Gloss, Ebony Chrome, Silvadillo, Eagle White, Dynamic Yellow, Signal Yellow, Sun Gold, Signal Orange, River Red, Maroon, Purple Wave, Pastel Blue, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Yellow Green, Mint Green and Leaf Green. *Quick Color Reference Only*