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PRACTICAL PROGRAMMING - Trifecta Medley for the Upper Body

Joe Kenn | Vice President of Performance Education

Volume is one of the three major strength factors in developing athletes. Volume, Strength, and Explosive prescriptions all have value in athletic based strength training. Volume helps increase lean muscle mass that can help protect the athlete in their sport of choice. By increasing lean muscle mass and lower overall body fat, athletes will be more efficient in their specific sport movements.

A fun and challenging way to increase volume is utilizing special sets that increase density in the training session. Today we will discuss a specific upper body trifecta medley that would fit in at the Tier 3 level of 3-day whole body training session (the Tier System). The trifecta medley is a 3 piece (movement) mini circuit. There are no specific rules for the medley as is up to the practitioner to create something of value and worth to the training plan and the protection of the athlete.

In this specific trifecta, we focus on a vertical pull, Lat Pulldown, a horizontal pull, Single Arm Supported Dumbbell Row, and a shoulder flexion movement, Dumbbell Front Raise. All 3 movements have independent limb capabilities. The Let Pulldown and Front Raise are bilateral independent limb movements and the Dumbbell Row is a isolateral movement. The medley will be performed for 3 rounds with tempo distinctions.

Trifecta Medley

TM1 - Lat Pulldown

• x6 reps

• Tempo – Iso Dynamic Mid-Point Holds

6,5,4,3,2,1 descending count

• rest = less than :30 seconds

TM2 - Single Arm Row

• x10 reps

• Tempo - Standard

• rest = less than :30 seconds

TM3 - Front Raise

• x15 reps

• Tempo - Standard

• rest = :60-:90 seconds between rounds

Watch the Full Trifecta Medley

Creating plans that have a protection component as well growth gains are always something I study when building the athlete’s medleys. In this medley, we hit the upper and mid back as well as the anterior deltoid for some pretty solid work. This is a high emphasis area for me as the shoulder capsule is a highly susceptible to injury in sport.


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