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Joe Kenn | V.P. of Performance Education

In this day and age, it is much easier to acquire information. You have social media, YouTube, web searches, facetime, Zoom, and text. These are all valuable. If you are really serious in learning from others, the best way to do this is to schedule a site visit.

Site visits are by far the best way to learn about how others operate in the confines of their own facility, in their own working environment, and how they solve problems similar to yours. I prefer site visits because it gives you a firsthand look at how a staff operates in a real work setting. It also gives those you are visiting the opportunity of being in the comfort of their environment. I have found that coaches are more open and appreciative of you investing in the visit and are far more engaged to speak about what their programs consists of.

Site visits also allow you to differentiate between clinic speak and actuality. I have had several first-hand accounts of listening to a presentation at a clinic/conference only to visit the coach and see a much different application in the real-world setting. This is a great example of what the coach hopes will occur being different than what actually occurs because of the numerous uncontrollable factors that come up during the daily application of the actual plan.

Investing in site visits is also one of the greatest ways to establish relationships and build your network. It is an investment worth looking into.

Best Success and #wordswin

Coach Kenn

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lekor adams
lekor adams
01 de fev.

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