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Monthly Movement #2- Tall Kneeling Landmine Prayer Press

Jason Benguche, M.S, CSCS, CISSN


Overhead pressing often times gets a bad reputation. This isn’t due to the exercises or movements programmed as overhead presses but the limitations that many athletes have with overhead mobility. So that’s where many athletes and coaches can put their attention first. Establish the ability to have proper mobility first before forcing loaded movements in that plane. There are many movements that can come before a traditional standing barbell overhead press. The Tall Kneeling Landmine Prayer Press is a great variation and potential starting point for a bilateral vertical press. This movement requires the following for proper execution:

  • Upper body postural control

  • Core stability

  • Overhead mobility


  • Once the tall kneeling position is established with the knees directly under the hips, the barbell is secured directly under the chin between both palms equally.

  • In order to keep the barbell stabilized in an upright position, the shoulders must be retracted back and down while simultaneously setting the ribcage down and keeping the hips fully extended in a neutral position.


  • Once stabilized in this setup with a neutral head position, the barbell is pressed at the angle of the landmine. This path will be slightly in front of the body to start.

  • As the barbell passes the forehead the elbows are fully extended and the head is pushed forward though the “window”.

  • After a brief pause at full extension, control the lowering of the barbell to the starting position.


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