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Athletic Training Arms

Joe Kenn | VP of Performance Education

One of the more popular ala cart items that is all the rave in athletic training facilities across the nation are athletic training arms (ATA). These adjustable arms are add-ons to half and full training racks and allow for a tremendous amount of variability in accessory movements for athletic to partake in.

I have found numerous movements that are fairly easy to set up and gives the coach more variation to choose from when prescribing movements. Below I will give you examples of some high-volume choices I prescribe for upper body readiness as well as my favorite ATA movement.

Readiness Movements

These two movements (Standing Horizontal Row and Seated Incline Press) can easily be used in the main session of a training session, but I prefer these for high volume preparation work. This pair in addition to triceps pushdown are prescribed for 3-4 sets of 25 repetitions each.

Set Up Keys

  1. Set your adjustable ladder bench to approximately 60 degrees.

  2. Adjust your athletic training arms in so that the lower handle is in line with the lower pectoral region.

Demonstrating the Readiness Movements

My Personal Favorite

My go-to ATA movement is an incline chest supported row. I really like the feel of the row and the load does not need to be great to stimulate a response. I generally will pair this movement with a horizontal press as my priority work for the main session of an upper body dominate day. I will usually prescribe 4-5 sets with a plus 2 repetitions from the prescribed pressing exercise goal.

Set Up Keys

  1. You can set your adjustable ladder bench at several starting heights to change the angle of pull

  2. Adjust jammer arms to bottom of power rack

Demonstrating the Seated Include Press


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