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Ben Brewster

Back in 2013, Ben Brewster was chasing down a shot at a Major League Baseball draft while studying exercise science and pitching at the University of Maryland. Not satisfied by the resources he was finding to become a better pitcher, he applied his knowledge and determination to improving his performance…

…and he failed. A lot. But he also got stronger, faster, better.

Coan McAlphine

By learning from his mistakes and documenting his progress, over the years he attracted the attention of coaches and athletes wanting to apply his process to their training. This marked the birth of Tread Athletics, founded by Ben along with business partner Coan McAlpine, a former pitcher himself. Tread is one of the world’s leading online baseball coaching resources that has over 100 thousand coaches, athletes and parents utilizing Tread’s resources ( ). By 2015, Tread Athletics had a remote training location for in-person training.

In 2019, Ben connected with Advantage Sport & Fitness Territory Sales Manager Daren Burns to share his vision of a 5,000 square foot Tread Athletics Training Center in Charlotte, NC. Advantage is one of the largest fitness equipment dealers in northern America, and the largest dealer on the east coast.

Daren Burns

Ben was looking to install two rack systems in this facility for strength training, and having this equipment boldly display the Tread Athletics brand was important to him. Daren had the perfect solution: Dynamic Fitness and Strength Ultra Pro racks.

Daren started at Advantage in 2014, right around the time when Advantage added Dynamic Fitness & Strength to their catalog of strength equipment. “Since I first got on board,” Daren said, “Dynamic fit the mold we needed for high-end high school and college weight rooms. What I like about Dynamic the most is their customization capabilities—providing school colors and branding, laser-cut logos, in areas where customization and branding is important.”

Because of this, Daren worked with Dynamic to provide Ben exactly what he needed.

“Despite the small size of that project,” Ben explained, “Daren treated us as a high-priority and made it an enjoyable experience from start to finish.” Working with Dynamic, Advantage Sport & Fitness was able to offer a price-competitive solution with a level of customization and attention to detail that Tread was unable to find from other dealers or manufacturers.

Ben assumed his 5,000 square foot facility would serve their needs for three to four years. Within six months, however, it was clear that they would need to starting planning to expand.

By early 2021, Tread Athletics was in the process of upgrading to a 33,000-square-foot baseball training facility that would include a 3,600-plus square-foot collegiate-sized weight room. “And because of our previous experience with Dynamic, there was no hesitation in calling Daren at Advantage for round two,” Ben said.

With this new facility, Tread Athletics could truly be a premier location to train area baseball players while also being a place for visiting minor and major league players to continue their training and conditioning. Most critical to Ben was that 30 to 35 athletes could train comfortably at the same time, that Tread’s brand would be strongly represented in the equipment, and there would be sufficient and efficient storage.

Lenoir-Rhyne University Weight Room

Early on during this next phase, Daren brought Ben to the Lenoir-Rhyne University weight room, a project Advantage had used Dynamic for. “They were able to see the bridges, the GHD hypers and all the ancillary products we were looking for this time around,” Daren said. Seeing that room helped Ben realize what the full possibilities were for his room, and how he was going to get everything he was hoping for and more.

The design phase took around 8 to 10 months. “Dynamic was able to do a full 3D layout of the space ahead of time so we could see precisely how much room we would have and where all of the equipment would be positioned,” Ben said. “We worked through a number of different configurations with Daren until settling on the final design.”

Installation went smoothly and was completed in the fall of 2021. Tread Athletics now has five Ultra Pro double half racks and five Ultra Pro half racks for a total of 15 lifting stations that Ben says takes up a fraction of Tread’s available floor space.

Ben Brewster’s success through determination and discipline is clearly demonstrated both as athlete and as coach, and Tread Athletics is a testament to that. Dynamic Fitness & Strength is thankful that we could help him fulfill some of that dream by building his facility’s weight room, and glad he is thrilled with the results. “They delivered on what they said they would do, on budget, and with a good product,” Ben said. “But what really won us over as a repeat customer was seeing that they cared. Relationships and attention to detail matter, and Dynamic gets that.”

And so does Advantage Sport & Fitness and Daren, who Ben explains maintains regular contact. “Daren continues to be extremely responsive to any concern that we have,” Ben said. “We interact with dozens of different companies on a monthly basis, and have come to realize how rare good customer service actually is.”

Dynamic Fitness & Strength is fortunate to have such a valuable partner as Advantage Sport & Fitness, and looks forward to future projects and successes.




Dynamic Fitness & Strength is excited to announce a new partnership with Art of Coaching (TM) by becoming a 2022 Premier Sponsor of the Art of Coaching podcast. The podcast is hosted by Art of Coaching Founder Brett Bartholomew, MS.Ed., CSCS*D, RSCC*D. As a strength and conditioning coach, author and consultant, Brett guides listeners and followers on how to change attitudes and behaviors in the weight room as well as in professional and personal settings. He has coached a diverse range of athletes from across 23 sports from youth athletes to Olympians. He is also the author of the top-selling book, Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In.

Brett Bartholomew

As a coach, advisor, mentor and public figure, Brett and Art of Coaching perfectly matches Dynamic Fitness & Strength’s primary mission “to build a better athlete” by focusing not just on strength conditioning, but emotional and cognitive conditioning as well so that coaches, athletes and individuals of all backgrounds can do better and be better.

“We’re thrilled to have Dynamic’s mission associated with Brett and Art of Coaching,” said Vice President of Sales Craig Sowers. “His podcast is a phenomenal resource for coaches and athletes, and Brett is passionate about and dedicated to guiding people down a path of professional and self-improvement.”

Ali Kershner

Earlier this month, Art of Coaching Director of Creative Strategy Ali Kershner was Joe’s guest on Dynamic Discussions. Ali was associate sports performance coach for Stanford Women’s Basketball and Golf from 2019 to 2021and assistant sports performance coach at Kansas before that. Joe talked with Ali about her time as a star soccer player at Duke University, her coaching career, and her transition to Art of Coaching, where she is a key member of the Art of Coaching team.

The Art of Coaching Podcast currently has over 200 episodes that can be found at, and are also available on iTunes and Spotify. New episodes are available each week. Dynamic looks forward to working with Brett and his team in support of the valuable information he shares, as well as finding other ways to support each other’s missions.




Dynamic Fitness & Strength launched into 2022 strong as we attended two big coaches conferences: the NSCA Coaches Conference and the AFCA National Convention. These two events ran back to back for the first time in several years, making for a marathon week in the great city of San Antonio, Texas!

It was fantastic to be in-person at these events and have our team connect directly with coaches. Among our team members was V.P. of Sales Craig Sowers, V.P. of Performance Education Joe Kenn, V.P. of Strategic Innovation Carlo Alvarez, and territory sales managers Coach "Yox" Yoxall, Chad Husko and Corbin Ward.

For Chad and Corbin, these events marked their inaugural Dynamic events. It was a terrific way to debut their roles and showcase their strengths to our incredible coaching community. We look forward to having them take part in more clinics and events as they support their regions. You can learn more about them in the next article below.

Our team members were able to make the rounds and connect with many past colleagues they worked with and past players they had coached. When you have a team with over 160 years of combined coaching experience, it's a pretty small coaching world for them--everybody knows everybody!

Many more shows coming up that we're looking forward to attending, including the NHSSCA National Conference, THSCA Conference, and CSCCA Conference! It's going to be an exciting year!




Chad Hutsko, Northeast Territory

Pennsylvania native Chad Hutsko was a strength and conditioning coach for 16 years at the collegiate level. Chad joined Dynamic Fitness & Strength as Northeast region territory manager after spending the previous two years in the fundraising profession working with high school athletic teams in Pennsylvania.

Chad earned his health education degree from Penn State University. After volunteering and doing numerous internships in the strength and conditioning profession, Chad got his first full time job as the assistant strength coach for football at the University of Pittsburgh in 1998. In 2005, he became the assistant strength coach for football at the University of Kentucky. In 2012 Chad became the assistant strength coach at Saint Francis University of Pennsylvania. During his tenure at SFU he trained numerous sports.

Chad is proud of the six bowls games he was part of while at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Kentucky, as well as the many teams he helped win conference championships while at Saint Francis University of Pennsylvania. Chad is thrilled to serve the Northeast region and bring premium strength solutions to his Dynamic Fitness and Strength customers.

Corbin Ward, Great Lakes Territory

Corbin Ward received his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in finance from Grand Valley State University in 2017. He brings to the Dynamic team valuable career experience from the highly competitive steel industry. Though he has had many different roles throughout the supply chain, his priority has always been to cultivate trusting relationships with new and current customers.

Weight training and conditioning are his greatest personal achievement and hobby. As a Dynamic Fitness & Strength territory manager for the Great Lakes region, Corbin is thrilled to apply his experience and dedication to serving his customers in an industry he is passionate about. Corbin’s drive paired with the experience of the entire Dynamic team will bring the highest level of service and value to customers, earning their confidence and trust.

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