From a small fab shop to the world’s fastest growing fitness equipment manufacturer, Dynamic Fitness & Strength carries over 20 years of manufacturing history, knowledge and passion. Our experience is poured into every piece of steel we produce. Our standard of comprehensive customization and our dedicated team of associates have brought us from humble beginngs to a position that’s shaping the strength training industry.





History of Dynamic Fitness & Strength

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In 1993 Curt and Tammy Tambornino began their journey selling trailer hitch balls from the trunk of a car. With sights set high and a fierce dedication to hard work, their small business quickly flourished. The couple soon began manufacturing their own trailer hitches and other select towing products, and took on the name CURT Manufacturing.


  • Curt Tambornino, founder of Dynamic Fitness & Strength, got his first job at the age of 7 as a dishwasher at his family’s café. From dishwasher to cook, Curt quickly learned the importance of knowing each customer and not assuming anything about their preferences.


  • Curt met Tammy in high school, the woman who would later become his wife and lifelong business partner. While Curt excelled in multiple sports as quarterback, goaltender and more, he also enjoyed a love for shop class and got his first taste of steel fabrication.


  • Although a four-year school wasn’t in the cards, Curt decided to enroll in tech school. On the first day, a professor told the class, “If you think you’re going to start a business in today’s economy, you’re wrong. I’ve tried, and it doesn’t work.” Curt stood up, set his books on the desk and walked out, never to return.



The demand for high-quality, American-made towing products prompted the Tamborninos to bring abroad more help. Soon, they had assembled a team of skilled fabricators, welders and engineers. With strong beliefs that people are a company’s greatest asset and that the customer is king, CURT Manufacturing’s success climbed rapidly as new product lines, technologies and facilities were added.


  • Wanting to be in control of his own destiny, Curt determined to start his own trailer manufacturing business. He took a third-shift job at Cray Research, making $4.15 an hour. Over the next three years, he developed an understanding of production and put his fab and welding skills to work, building and selling trailers.



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