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Customization is all about your brand, not ours. We wear your colors. Your logo means everything to you, and we believe it’s worth burning into solid steel, raising it high and displaying it with pride. Our customization options include laser-printed artwork, color matching, wraps, handcrafted stitching and much more. No matter your mantra, industry or size, we’re ready to build it for you and with you every step of the way.

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Custom bridge systems bring your workout facility together as a cohesive space. We are able to customize your bridge system to best complement your gym and connect your rigs and racks with a bold finishing touch.



With an array of design and manufacturing technology, we are able to custom-wrap your fitness equipment to truly represent your colors, logo and team pride. 

rack 2_edited_edited_edited.png


Our signs feature heavy-duty construction with a full custom color palette available, allowing you to fully represent and show off your logo with pride. Logos are laser-cut into steel and powder-coated specific to your gym. We use colored plates and inset vinyl to craft a one-of-a-kind, layered logo sign.


With an insert design, bar caps add the finishing touch to your barbells, racks and workout facility as a whole. We can customize your barbell end caps with your team colors, logo. Custom end caps are available for Dynamic barbells.


Fuel your athletes with benches that are fully customized with your colors and logo.  We offer a complete palette of 28 standard colors to choose from, allowing you to set your gym apart from the competition.

Slip Cover Eagle.png
Slip Cover Canton.png
Slip Cover Bear Logo.png
Ladder Bench 718060 with Slip Cover.png
FID Bench 718063.png


Custom weight plates provide a unique accent, changing the way your athletes view your gym or workout space. A plate with your logo and team colors can mean the difference between adequate and true excellence. At Dynamic, we’ll work with you to build a completely custom solution, burning your logo and text into each weight plate and adding your colors with our advanced color-match technology. 


From metal powder coating to printed logos, we are able to match your team colors and powder them to our equipment to create a jaw-dropping presentation.



Platforms are available to be customized with your logos. We offer wood raised platforms and rubber inlay options.


We are able to provide custom flooring solutions of all textures, colors and sizes. From rubber, turf, vinyls, carpet, infill, to underlayment, we have the tools and resources necessary to floor your entire facility. Each texture comes with several customization options and gives you the design you need to stand out from the rest. 



With our expert team and some of the most advanced metal fabrication technology at our fingertips, we are able to design and manufacture custom solutions for commercial gyms, school gyms and other group training spaces.

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 5.26.43 PM.png


Dynamic barbell storage racks are an opportunity for you to create a bold, professional accent in your gym or strength training space. With our color-matching and logo-matching technology, we can turn an ordinary barbell rack into an inspirational display for your badge, message and team colors. Our vertical barbell wall racks are designed to hold up to 10 barbells at a time.



Our ball targets can be fully customized with your colors and logo, in a two-tone or single-tone style. Our ball targets are constructed from steel and integrate seamlessly with your existing rigs and racks, maximizing the functionality and offering of your gym.

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