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Your mission is focused on

Helping Students Reach Their Full Potential

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Our mission is providing you the equipment

to help them maximize their potential.

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Dynamic Fitness & Strength:

  • Understands each unique program

  • Pays attention to what is needed

  • Provides one-of-a-kind solutions

  • Goes above and beyond

  • Blows away expectations

  • Completely satisfies

Hear what Coastal Carolina University had to say about Dynamic Fitness & Strength

"And with the new layout that Dynamic came up with, it opened up the middle of the room where the coaching is done and visibility is clear on both sides. There are no obstructions, and from a safety standpoint, a teaching and a coaching standpoint, that certainly does fit into our philosophy. Working with Dynamic has been truly a blessing. It’s been a great experience. They’ve been professional, and the quality of the equipment has been above and beyond.”

– Tony Decker, Then Director of Speed Strength & Conditioning Coach
Coastal Carolina University, SC

Talons Up!



From the Northwoods of Wisconsin, the hard work and dedication of Curt and Tammy Tambornino created a world-class manufacturing company--not once, but twice.  

The first time, it began by selling trailer balls door to door out of the trunk of their car. Within ten years, that turned into an award-winning  manufacturing company of OEM towing equipment.

Sound impressive? Now, imagine doing it again.

In the early 2000s, Curt and Tammy began a small fabrication company. Again, in a few years, Dynamic Fitness & Strength was designing and manufacturing some of the most impressive commercial-grade equipment for academic athletic programs and commercial gyms across the country.


Dynamic Fitness & Strength represents the drive, passion and absolute commitment to excellence that Curt and Tammy Tambornino have always led by. And, through their leadership, they continually attract some of the biggest names in strength conditioning--including ex-NFL Strength Coach Joe Kenn, the current VP of performance education for Dynamic Fitness & Strength.

Not once but twice they have completely redefined what the expectations should be in the industries they break into and are passionate about. Dynamic Fitness & Strength is setting new levels of expectation in strength and conditioning equipment. How? It sounds simple, but its really all about making sure we always exceed your expectations—in quality, functionality, presentation and service.

Hear what Bay Port High School had to say about Dynamic Fitness & Strength

"They were there every step of the way with all of their different people ... We're very proud that there is no equipment like this anywhere ... not only from the graphics to the colors, but our racks and our equipment are the first of a kind. The fact that they were absolutely willing to do all of those things and explore all of those possibilities and then come up with exactly what we wanted was something that I've never experienced before in terms of customer service.”

– Brian Matz, Athletic Director, Bay Port High School

BRAND customization to your specifications.

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Custom Bridges

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Custom Connectors

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Custom Upright Wraps

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Custom Plates

Meet Your Team

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