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Protects your roofing investment year after year, even in the harshest climates

Excellent traction in all weather conditions

Unmatched durability with years of maintenance-free performance

Walkway Pads are a safe, simple and economical utility surface option for roofing membrane protection. Designed for all high-traffic areas, including access doors, roof hatches, HVAC units, and anywhere access is needed to service rooftop equipment, we have you covered. The patented design connects all tiles together ensuring that they stay in place while increasing ease and speed of installation. By utilizing 100% recycled rubber,performance proven in the harshest climatic conditions, the Walkway Pads provide an extremely durable and economical option to protect your roof from damage due to traffic and maintenance work.

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For nearly three decades, we have set the standard for safety, durability and value. Slip-resistant and able to withstand the toughest weather conditions. Exterior walkway pads are perfect for both commercial and residential applications. Our proprietary, pioneering design and manufacturing process are the result of years of extensive testing and engineering.

Provides thermal and mechanical protection to roof membrane.

Excellent traction in all weather conditions

Easy to transport and install

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